Terms and Conditions


Your use of (the App/Site) and your submission of personal information to us is your formal and formal approval of the terms and conditions set forth in the Privacy Policy. The expression 'Company' and 'Consciences', 'We', and 'We', all refer to and indicate a closed shareholding company registered in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The expression 'User' or 'Conscience' represents anyone who uses an app or a website, on which, if you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, you should stop using the App/Site now.

Is my information safe?

If you use the service you should be confident that we are doing our best to protect your personal data and prevent illegal or unauthorized access to it, even protecting it from processing, changing and loss. However, even though we have taken all the various measures and protections and are working to improve them, we are not entirely responsible for any breach that occurs by your contact or from parties outside our control where no system or technology can be kept completely safe from harm, so if you feel any gap within the app/site, you can contact us to work on this issue through the email pr@nabawater.com.sa.

How is the e-payment process done within the application / location? 


You use a trusted third-party source to process electronic payments. These operations do not apply to people who choose the 'pay on receipt' option during a shopping operation. This third party can request some information about your credit card, you may be asked to access your contact list, and we may request some permissions from you to improve your service, such as obtaining your site coordinates to improve your connection.

Do you share my personal data with any other parties? 


The privacy of Naba'a's users is one of the most important things that Naba'a works to protect and secure in every possible way. The company never reveals or discloses this data to any third party, but some of the necessary information may be shared with a third party for the purpose of improving your experience in using our services. The company's objectives in collecting this data are statistical and marketing objectives, not just numbers of users, where they benefit from the service, or products that have been shown interest or request. 

Which permissions (application/system/signer) may request approval to allow? 

access to phone status, access your site's coordinates to facilitate the delivery of requests and calculate the time needed to deliver the request to your address. 


We will not collect any personal data about you if you browse the store, and only when you decide to use and utilize the service. If you use the service, we collect the personal data set out below: 

            · Name

            · Email

            · Mobile number

            · Location and address 'This requires that GPS be enabled sometimes'

            · Your browsing cookies for the site/app.









What is the purpose of personal data collection? 

We collect personal data that has been previously reported for the following reasons: 

            · Sign up for the app

            · Customize your app experience for the best possible shopping experience with a spring

            · Plan for how long it will take to connect

            · Show Promotions

            · Communicate with you


Is my personal data safe? 

We use very advanced technologies to preserve the privacy of your data and prevent it from being lost, stolen or hacked. 


Can I edit my data? 

You can edit your personal data by logging into your account at the app or location or by connecting to customer service by clicking the Contact us button from the side list within the app/location 

Who has the right to modify the Terms of Use? 

Naba Corporation has the full right to update its Terms of Use either by adding or deleting new lines or by modifying existing ones at any time. 

How do users of an app or website know about any changes or updates to their terms of use? 

(They can do this by visiting this page, where the company will announce any changes or updates to the terms on it.)


What is the system to which the conditions are subject? 

The terms of use shall be subject to the regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

Any questions? 

If you have any questions, questions, or concerns about these conditions, we are always welcome to answer your questions and queries. You can contact us directly via email at pr@nabawater.com.sa and will be answered as soon as possible. 


recovery and replacement policy

Can I return or replace water after I buy it? 

Yes, you can return or replace water if it is not satisfied with our services or if there is a clear packaging defect or water inside the cardboard. (Make sure the correct storage is in the house during the period) Better make sure the cardboard is safe at the time of delivery.


When can I return water after buying? 

You can return the water within a week of the purchase time fixed on the invoice, provided it is returned without use and in the same state it was received. 


How can I return water after buying? 

Just contact us at UC 920001791 and you will be informed of the full recovery process. 


What are the terms and conditions for return? 

The water must be in its original state at the time of receipt. In the event of any defect caused by misuse or storage, we are unable to receive it for health reasons. The original invoice for the purchase must exist or a copy thereof. In the event of a defect or defect in the product due to an apparent industrial defect, it shall be replaced or retrieved in accordance with the company's policy. Part of the products may be retrieved on the same invoice only in the event of an apparent industrial defect. However, in the event of a return without cause, the entire products must be returned on the invoice to return the full amount, deducting the delivery expenses in accordance with the Ministry of Trade policy.




How do I recover the amount paid? 

If the terms of the return are fulfilled, the amount will be delivered in the same manner as the purchase. If the cash is purchased, the amount will be returned immediately upon delivery of the water. If the price is paid by the credit card, the amount will be returned to the same credit card within 14 working days. 

I paid for the goods by means of a credit card, and then returned the goods after meeting the terms and requirements of the return,

 but the amount was not deposited in my account during the said 14 days?

Also, review your bank with the process reference number. 

I bought a product that had a discount or a show. Can I return it?

Unfortunately, the products purchased with a special offer cannot be returned or reduced, but the value of the products can be added to your wallet in a spring application, and the cash disposed of in your wallet or the value of the points gained from a spring to the customer cannot be returned.


Is there a charge against the goods amount? 

Yeah.. The cost of shipping products from your location is deducted for your company, and this cost is determined by your company's internal policy, and you will be reimbursed when you continue to return. 

Politics of cookies 


 General Information: 

Saudi Arabia Spring uses cookies, a small text file stored by a browser, and allows for temporary preservation of data between web pages and internet sessions. Naba' uses a number of these First Link files that have been produced and used by Naba'a site - and some of the 'third party' cookies that have been created on our site by a third party. This allows us to save every portion of your purchase steps while you're browsing the site, remember the details of your data and view a custom experience based on those data and choices you've made before. It also helps us understand the on-site/app experience of customers, and that means we'll give you a better experience to browse. 

Cookies can only store text, which is always encrypted and hidden, we guarantee you absolutely that we sell no personal data using cookies.


What are temporary files (cookies)? 

Cookies are text files created by websites you visit that contain your session data, and can be used later on in the same website. By saving your data, it can also analyze how you interact with the site. Cookies are safe; they only store data collected by a browser, or entered by a user and included in page records. Cookies do not contain any code and cannot be used to access your device. If a website has created cookies, only that website can read and use them. 

There are two types of cookies: temporary files and permanent files, both of which are used for different purposes and contain different information. 


· Temporary files contain information used in your current browser session. These cookies are automatically deleted when you close your browser, and nothing is left in your device after you finish browsing.

            · Persistent files are used to keep information used between site visits. This data allows you to know the date of your previous site/app visits. However, permanent files have a lifetime defined by the site, ranging from a few minutes or years.











Why do we use cookies? 

Cookies are used by the site to maintain your visit information while browsing the site/application, and you are in touch to follow up on your purchase details, if you visit the page again products associated with your last browsing will be displayed. 

Cookies are analyzed, by partners like Google-Adobe, that allow us to track user interactions on the site and give us insight that helps us improve the site and the products and services we offer you. 

We may also work with partners who create third-party cookies that are later used for propaganda to give you a unique experience that has to do with your previously-held interests. We would like to stress that these cookies do not contain any personal data that would allow other websites to identify you, as they are based entirely on the date of browsing. 


Stop or delete temporary files: 

All web browsers allow you to limit or eliminate the use of cookies by setting or options in a browser. Steps to do this vary from browser to browser, and you can find instructions on how to do this in the Help File menu in each browser. 

While you're browsing, you can also monitor the cookies on your computer, and delete some or all of them if you like. Cookies are text files, so you can open them and read their contents. The data within it is usually encrypted, or numbered for an Internet session, so it is not understood for any location other than the one that recorded it. 

If you stop cookies, the Naba App/Site will be affected by controlling your navigation steps, but it won't prevent analysis files from recording your visit to the site/app


What temporary files (cookies) is a source site/app storing? 

Cookie files that Nabaa records include data recorded by the Internet server device, including information about the browser you are using, and data from your purchase. Permanent cookies created by a Web site/Spring app are used by our partners, and are often used to distinguish new and frequent site visits. Stored data allows advertisers to target you with ads intended for you outside a Fountain site/app. Deleting these cookies won't affect your browsing experience or the basic functions of a Spring site 

The Cookies Source is used to validate some of the basic functions that are necessary when you browse and purchase the site/app to save the products that you have added to your purchase basket. The information collected in these cookies is used for this purpose only and will not be shared or sold to any other party. A third party may use cookies to improve your experience, such as Google, Adobe, Double Click, or other repurposing tools.